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  • Humpty Dumpty Ice Cream and No, Humpty Dumpty Did Not Fall Down Here!
    Humpty Dumpty is one of my two favorite ice cream places in my area and the one downside to this ice cream place is how long they are open each year. They usually open in the middle of April and then they close the Friday before Labor Day. There is never any exception to their closing date, no matter how much their loyal customers beg them to stay open longer!

    They have basic chocolate and vanilla ice cream, but they also have two other flavors in soft serve every week. They rotate between orange and raspberry, pistachio and banana, and coffee and one other flavor that I cannot remember. Probably because it is a flavor that I don’t care for!!

    When you are there, you can order a plain ice cream cone or get your ice cream dipped in sprinkles or dipped into a flavor coating that hardens. My kids usually get cones with sprinkles and so does my husband. My kids are boring here and only order chocolate ice cream or a twist. My husband always gets an orange and raspberry twist when those flavors are out.

    I almost always get a peanut butter sundae, because it is one of the places that offers it here in town. I prefer peanut butter over hot fudge as I can pretend that it is giving me some protein.

    The prices here are reasonable and parents of little ones will love that they can purchase baby cones. I forget the cost, but they are reasonable.

    They also serve subs, which is a large sandwich and can be called a gyro, grinder, or a million other names, depending on where you live. We have never purchased one, but everyone that we talk to say that they are delicious.

    They have picnic tables that people can sit at to eat their ice cream and this area can get crowded at certain times of the day. We usually try to go when they are not busy, but there are times, like opening day, when that is almost impossible.

    I can’t wait until the middle of April this year, so I can go back and get some of the famous Humpty Dumpty ice cream!
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