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  • Eat Delicious Ice Cream at Martha’s Dandee Crème
    I have not been to Martha’s with my family yet this year, because they just opened up for the season two weeks ago. They always open in the middle of March and close near the end of October.

    Yes, it does seem crazy to go when it is still cold out in upstate New York, but they have a heated pavilion and well, if that is too crowded, there is always my heated car. Some of us will do anything for their fantastic ice cream.

    The last time that we went was last October and we usually end up there at least a half a dozen times every year. We would go more often, but it is a thirty-minute drive or so for us. It’s not too far, but not right down the road either.

    My whole family loves that they have tons of different flavors and the flavors change every couple of days. There are not too many places in the area where you can get chocolate peanut butter ice cream or birthday cake ice cream or one of their other unusual flavors.

    My husband and children usually end up with ice cream cones and a couple of them might get a sundae on occasion, but I always get another menu item. They have something called the Boston Shake, which is a hot fudge sundae inside a milkshake. You can choose your ice cream flavor and well, I always get chocolate, because I love chocolate. A helpful tip for you all……these are huge and filling, so get the small the first time until you know how much you can really eat. Either that or plan on sharing it with at least one other person!

    They do serve food here as well and we don’t normally purchase that, because we always want ice cream. However, we have ordered an occasional hot dog or French fries in the past, when someone didn’t feel like ice cream.

    You never know who you may run into when you are at Martha’s, especially since they have been featured on the Today show. We actually have quite a few celebrity spottings in our area, you just have to be in the right place at the right time.

    The next time you are craving ice cream, I recommend heading up to Martha’s. You will definitely not be disappointed!
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