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  • The secret paradise!
    Koh Rong Island is the picture perfect destination! With pristine long white sand beach, this untouched island has stolen my heart. With 43 kilometers of coastline, it’s no surprise that Koh Rong is blessed with some of the most beautiful beaches in Southeast Asia. But Long Beach is truly something special. Long Beach is located across the island from Koh Tuich Village, which means that barely anyone stays overnight out there. To this day, there are roughly 10 beach bungalows sprinkled along a rocky outcrop at the far end of the beach. The rest of this seemingly endless stretch of sand is completely untouched. You can either hire a boat to take you to Long Beach or opt to take the 45-minute hike from Koh Tuich Village to Long Beach. After venturing on the hot and slightly sketchy walk though Koh Rong’s lush interior, my mind was blown when I emerged from the jungle and saw what I argue is the definition of a perfect beach.

    A flawless strip of white sand unfurled as far as I could see. And the sand was so powdery fine that it literally squeaked underneath my feet as I walked. The water was the perfect shade of turquoise and was unblemished by coral and sea grass. It was perfection. It boggled my mind that there were so few tourists on Long Beach.

    Practical info:
    The bungalow prices are between 20$ to 30$
    The electricity shot down from 6pm-2am
    You can get there by boat or hike
    Remember to visit nearby isles

    Happy Traveling!
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