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  • Enjoy Breakfast All Day at Compton’s Restaurant
    It has been a while since my husband and I have gone to breakfast at Compton’s, but it is a restaurant that never changes. The same people go there on the same day of the week, all year long! The locals love it and the tourists learn to love it as well.

    Everyone is greeted the same and newcomers are made to feel welcome immediately.

    It doesn’t matter if you go in at six in the morning or one in the afternoon, you can ask for breakfast. They do have lunch items, but they are known for their breakfast foods. I always order the Mexican Omelette, which is filled with peppers, onions, and cheddar cheese and served with salsa. My husband always gets two eggs over easy, bacon, home fries, toast, and coffee.

    I always say that I am going to try something different when I go, but when the usual tastes so good…….

    I know, I should live a little every once in a while. Plus, if one thing is really good, it is practically guaranteed that everything else will be just as good.

    The inside of the diner is old and looks like a diner from half a century ago. Nothing is shiny and some things look like they are falling apart, but that doesn’t change a thing. It is clean inside, the food is tasty, and the service is outstanding.

    Since it is on Broadway in Saratoga, I highly recommend walking around and visiting the stores after breakfast. Congress Park is not too far away either and it is the perfect place to sit while relaxing after a large meal.

    There is one other tip that I can give all of you about Compton’s. They only take cash! There is a large sign as you are walking into the restaurant as well as at the cash register. You will want to be prepared or you may find yourself with no way to pay your bill at the end.

    Other than that, go in, find a new friend, order a delicious meal, and eat. It really is that simple and before you know it, you may find yourself moving to Saratoga.
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