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  • Spend Some Quiet Time at the Yaddo
    I have lived here for more than twenty years now and until last summer, I had never been to the Yaddo. I had heard all about the history and had been told how beautiful is was, but even though it was on my list, it was never a top priority.

    My husband and I were on an overnight in town without the kids and since we were going to be close to the Yaddo, I asked if we could stop and walk around. I wanted to walk the grounds around the huge mansion and see what Spencer Trask saw when he decided to create the Yaddo for his wife, Katrina.

    As much as I still want to go inside the mansion, I know that people are not allowed inside unless they are an artist and are visiting on a retreat. Therefore, I had to be satisfied with the grounds and viewing the mansion from a distance. As soon as we entered the property, we were greeted by a fountain that contained a few sculptures. After stopping for a few minutes to enjoy the solitude (yes, my husband was bored, but he survived), we continued under the trellis and into the rose gardens.

    The day that we were there, there were many volunteers tending to the gardens. These people love flowers and give their time to keep the property looking nice all year long. To one side of the flower gardens are the Four Seasons statues as well as a sun dial that reads “Hours fly, Flowers die, New days, New ways, Pass by, Love stays”.

    My favorite part of the gardens was standing on the pergola and looking down at all of the roses below. We were there in the early morning hours, but I would love to visit there as the sun is setting in the sky. I think that the photograph possibilities would be magnificent.

    I think that I am going to make my husband take me there once a year now and maybe I will take a journal or a drawing pad with me and go on my own one of these days. I think that I could be very creative while sitting in the gardens.
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