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  • Quick Bite at BurgerFi in Saratoga Springs
    My husband and I went out to lunch a few days ago and we decided that we were going to try the new BurgerFi on Broadway in Saratoga. I had purchased a Groupon for there a few weeks ago and we wanted to use it before it expired. Plus, I am always on the lookout for a decent burger!

    It was raining out that day, so Saratoga was not as busy as it usually is at lunchtime. That made it nice for finding a place to park our car. We stuck with our usual garage parking, across from Congress Park, and walked the little ways to the restaurant. When we arrived, we realized that we could have gotten a spot right in front of the restaurant, but that’s okay. Walking is good for us!

    I was impressed as soon as we walked into the restaurant, because it was very clean. The tables and chairs have an industrial feel to them, which might turn others off, but not me. As long as the food is good and I have a place to sit, I am quite happy. Plus, I know that the metal is easy to keep clean and germ free, which is another good thing that I am always looking for.

    The menu is not that extensive, which is both good and bad. They have basic burgers and cheeseburgers as well as veggie burgers. People can choose from a number of items for their burger too. If anyone wants to visit who doesn’t like burgers, well, the only other option is a hot dog, Texas Style or New York Style.

    As we were deciding what we wanted, the cashier asked us if it was our first time there and when we said yes, she welcomed us as did a man who I assumed was the manager.

    My husband chose a single cheeseburger with onions, ketchup, and mustard and I chose the same except I had mayo, lettuce, and tomato on mine. We have French fries everywhere we go, so we opted for the onion rings and shared a chocolate milkshake. The prices are comparable to other burger joints in the area and our lunch total came to $22.

    Once we placed our order, we were given a receipt as well as a buzzer than would tell us when our food was ready. Our receipt had first time customer on the top, so I assume that they keep track of things like that.

    We chose a seat near the window, so that we could people watch and I noticed that they had sliding doors in the front of the restaurant. I am hoping that they will open those in the warmer months and offer outdoor seating to their customers.

    Our order did not take that long to prepare, since there weren’t too many other customers. When I opened my burger, I was surprised to see BurgerFi stamped onto the bun. I did not realize that this was something that they did. Our burgers were good, but I kept getting a taste of lots of salt on occasion and am not sure if it is the seasoning they use or how they grill the burger.

    I definitely recommend that people get the onion rings there, because they are huge! It looks like the cut an onion in half and only use the first few rings from each half to make their onion rings. They were really tasty too.

    Our milkshake was a little thicker than I like, but really chocolatey. We plan on going back sometime soon, so that we can introduce our kids to this upscale burger place in the city.

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