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    I’m always up for an adventure, so when the opportunity came to visit the Blue Lagoon in Portland I jumped at the chance. Besides, Portland is a favourite spot of mine because it’s always lush and green, and it seems like it rains there every day. While this is great for the environs, it’s not so great for the roads (you’ll see what I mean when you visit) ... But back to the Blue Lagoon …

    The Blue Lagoon is a striking body of water that has a gorgeous turquoise colour, and is as deep as you can imagine. The water is clear and blue as far as the eyes can see, and it’s said to be about 180 feet deep.

    When I visited I took the boat tour across the Lagoon, and when you get to the center, it is simply stunning to look at. I wasn’t up to swimming that day but I’m going to be sure to dive in when next I visit. The Lagoon is clear and fresh, and my nephew who took the plunge says it’s refreshingly warm.

    The Blue Lagoon is surrounded by beautiful tropical flora, so of course I took the time to walk about and enjoy the colours, as well as the varying species of plants and flowers. The scene is made even more picturesque, because its surrounded by mountains, from which freshwater springs run down into the Lagoon.

    If you are looking for a natural, breathtakingly beautiful spot to visit that oozes charm and unspoilt beauty, the Blue Lagoon in Portland is a great option. Portland is located on the north eastern part of Jamaica, and is home to some of the most gorgeous beaches on the island (but that’s for another post).

    Until next time, as we say here in Jamaica … ‘Walk good.’
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