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    I remember visiting Seitseminen National Park (or Seitsemisen Kansallispuisto like we call it here in Finland) often in my childhood. I have many happy memories of sitting around fire with my family, grilling sausages and drinking hot cocoa. However, I also have not so good memories of walking in the snow, freezing in -20°C and using too much insect repellents. After turning adult and moving to Kuru, the city where Seitseminen National Park is located, I decided to reminiscent and do hike to Seitseminen.

    I drove towards Seitseminen with my small dog but got totally lost. The signs were quite bad and the way there from Kuru a lot longer than I had thought. After finally finding the parking slot (there is a lot of small roads so it is easy to get lost) it was easy to find the information center and small café. I recommend starting your trip from there even if it is okay to start from any part of the forest paths. From info you can get free maps and tips of the best places to go. There is handful of free parking slots around the park.

    In Finland our National Parks are always free so you don’t have to pay anything to visit Seitseminen. Just follow a few rules they have and you can basically do anything you want in the relaxing nature. Seitseminen has some parts that only allow you to walk in marked paths. And if you have dog with you remember to keep it in leash.

    My ultimate favorite spots in Seitseminen are also the most popular attraction. Kovero’s farm has cute animals and old Finnish atmosphere. You can freely roam around the farm and workers will tell you about old Finnish way of life. Another one of my favorites is Multiharju’s old forest. I walked this 2 km long forest trail and I have to say there is no feeling like being alone in totally quiet old forest. Wooden boardwalks make the experience even more idyllic and interesting.

    To sum up everything: I would recommend visiting Seitseminen for everyone wanting to experience the real Finland’s nature. It is after all our most important tourist attraction. Start from tourist information and take map with you to not get lost. Try grilling marshmallows and sausages next to fire because that is ultimate Finnish thing to do on hiking trip. At summer time, you can book walking tour and learn even more about Finland.
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