Following on my article about random, or similar named data.

It then occured to me that Red Planet Travel would be particularly useful for twinned cities; as surely there would be interchange between the two towns, on cultural exchange visits for example, whether they have similar, dissimilar or polar opposite names!

Dull in Scotland, United Kingdom and Boring, Oregon, United States - twinned as a tourism boosting gimmick, and we happy to help promote them!

Dull to Boring and Boring to Dull - is this a nightmare? or a match-made-in-heaven?

This seems to me like a good idea, certainly from a Marketing perspective. If you are the Tourism manager for a city and want us to set up a special Twinned Cities - page for your cities; then let us know.

Quo Vadis Bars

Recently we were on holiday in Valencia Province, some distance from our home and we went to a Quo Vadis bar so the kids could play Mini-Golf.  We have a Quo Vadis bar (no relation) near us in Arinsal that does a great English breakfast.

Chatting with the new owner of the Spanish bar, she did not know there was one in Andorra, and suggested I take a picture and link the two of them up.

Humans naturally look for patterns in things, and travelling is no exception.  I think it would make sense for similar or opposite named bars, clubs or restaurants to reach out for partners across the world.   If some has a great time in your bar - and then is travelling to another place where you have a namesake or twin - they might want to go!

Here are the two bars in question: 

Quo Vadis Bars    
DSC_0021 Quo Vadis Arinsal Andorra How to get there
DSC_0024 Quo Vadis, Javea, Spain How to get there
  Any other Quo Vadis bars? please email us and we will add them here


There do seem to be more Quo Vadis bars around the world.  Given that Quo Vadis means "Where are you going?" in Latin, it seems apt that these bars/pubs should link up!

Please do not forget use the Link Builder on Red Planet Travel to make links that visitors can use to get themselves to your Quo Vadis bars.  Simply put the link on your bar's website, or Facebook page.