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Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind - Seneca the Younger (Born in Cordoba, Spain - moved to Rome, Italy)

There is no doubting the wisdom of these words are applicable today, just as they will have been in Seneca's time thousands of years ago.

Except today if you come up with a great phrase you can Tweet it and thousands will know pretty much instantly!

The other thing is, if you are travelling, you often find yourself.. waiting around.  If it is not an airport lounge or a ferry terminal, a traffic jam or at a bus stop.  

The autobus stop in which I dwell, my private little plot in hell.
Just waiting 'till my number's up, nursing a long cold coffee cup.
Bus number one, number four, another three from just before
but will the number that I need arrive so I can at last be freed?
I'm losing hope of getting home, let's kill some time and write a poem.
And so typically does life contrive, I start to write... and there's the five!!!

- Carlos Colin Robinson penned while waiting for the L5 in Andorra La Vella

So why not use that (wasted) time usefully.  Look around, breathe the sights and sounds, or if its a dull place, let your mind do the wandering.  Don't stress about if the bus is going to turn up - let's face it - they always have done in the past, and be creative instead.

Get out a paper pad, or your iphones notepad app, and get writing....

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