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Red Planet Travel is a community site where getting the right travel information is key.  The Red Planetter community works by people contributing their knowledge and experience.  Combined with the best tools and data on the Internet, this means we can help anyone get the most of out their travels.

Red Planet Travel is organised into multiple Channels. See below which ones meet your needs:

Perfect Place

Advertise your accommodation on our site.  Be it a Hotel or your spare bedroom.  You can be doing it for profit, like a B&B or guesthouse, or do it for fun, like offering your house out for swaps.

We cover it all. Combined with our unique tag search engines on every place page, it has never been easier to find the Perfect Place to stay.

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Actour (coming soon)

Advertise your Activity or Tour on our site.  You might offer some fun activity, or you might have many years of experience as a tour guide (and employ many more), or you might be a guy with some time on your hands and want to make some cash showing people round the city you know and love.

We cover it all. Free advertising on our site, and it will be findable on our Quick Start explorer search engine, and the Travel Vane - getting the activity or tour you want is easy with Red Planet Travel. 

Travel Wiki

It is all in the details.  We provide the framework for the most comprehensive store of travel information in the world.  Community driven, you the Red Planetter, can easily tell the rest of community what you found, what you thought and how much it cost, when you made your travels.

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Transport Planet (coming soon)

Contribute to mapping the pathways and timetables of the planes, trains, buses, and ships of the world.

Medical professionals from around the world contribute their local knowledge to tell travellers and others what they need to do to prepare for travel to that region.  

Also find Travel Health Tourism information about elective procedures that can be performed outside your country of residence.  Read more.