The Red Planet Travel E-Mail Robot

Want to give people directions to an address from anywhere in the world?

Our E-Mail robot is the perfect solution.

How does it work?

Simply compose an E-Mail to our Robot who is sitting ready and waiting 24 hrs a day for your instructions.

It is a Robot so you don't need any pleasantries like "hi" or "thanks"... in fact that might just confuse him!

Say you are having your company AGM at a hotel and you want to email all attendees the address.

So send a message with just the subject as the name of the place, and the body of the email as the street address. E.g.  

Subject:  Acme Corporation AGM at Allego Chicago

Body:  171 W. Randolph Street, Chicago, IL 60601 United States

Send this to

The Robot will reply in seconds to you with the message: 

Hi there,

Your link to to to 171 W. Randolph Street, Chicago, IL 60601 United States from anywhere is|"Acme Corporation AGM at Allego Chicago" 171 W. Randolph Street, Chicago, IL 60601 United States

A short url for that is

Short urls are great for Tweeting, Facebook and even printed materials - it is case insensitve

You can use the long form link or the short url; whatever is most convienient, for example, you can put the long form link on your website, or intranet.  The short form works there too, and can also be copied or forwarded in emails.


What is the result?

When the attendees click the link or use the short url it will take them to this page, where they just have to enter where they are coming from (or use the calculated suggestion) and it will show all routes from their Origin to the Destination.

All modes of transport search

In this example search we have routes that include planes, trains, buses, car and taxi options - including any walking routes at either end.  Great for long distances, and short.  Save time and hassle having to tell attendees and delegates how to get to you - we are also constantly updated so the information is never out of date.

How do I do this?

You will need a free account at Red Planet Travel just sign up, confirm your E-Mail address and then your good to go for using the robot at