Red Planet Travel - Weather Vane

Red Planet Travel is all about going further and going different.  In that "vein" we have come with our "Weather Vane".  Depending on how the wind is blowing or the weather in a certain place is shaping up you could be in for an unexpected surprise.  Go on be a little "vain" and treat yourself! 

OK enough bad puns, let us explain:  Our automated system monitors the weather all over the world and if it detects a period of great weather in a place - where it is normally a lot colder and wetter - it lets you know.  

How can this be beneficial?  Places that are typically quiet in low-season that get a burst of good weather are particularly interesting to Red Planetters as they offer fantastic value; there are not many other people around which means getting served quickly, no queues or delays, more attention from locals, better deals to be had and you get to see a place out of season which can be very different from when most people see it. 

Current List

This is our current list of "sweet-spot" locations around the world that are enjoying unseasonally good weather, and therefore are worth a trip right now if you can.


What are you waiting for? Click the city link in the table to find out about the place.

ski-bums and boarder-dudes

Take for example a ski-resort:  During the winter months these are packed to the rafters with ski-bums and boarder-dudes, plently of aprés ski and prices to match.  Have you considered somewhere like this in the summer?  Top class hotels, mountain views, great restaurants.. You get the picture. 

We focus in on an example here of Ylläs in Finland (See how to get there).  In the winter months it is busy resort with skiing, safaris with reindeer or husky dogs, saunas, ice fishing and lots more.  Come the summer and it is a lot quieter. But, for example, the solidly built Hotel Sagga is still there, you can still get a sauna and this time you eat the reindeer if you fancy a local treat.  The slience and magnificence of the northern Finland pine forest is something beautiful to experience.


Granted, a lot of places like this close in the quiet months.  Red Planet Travel actively seeks out places that are open and are prepared to give you a special deal.  To stay up to date with these please sign up for an account to access the Weather Vane for your chosen destinations or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter to get general info. 

the weather can be miserable

There are some places that the weather can make or break.  Take for example Northern England; interesting cities and areas include York, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, the Lake District and the Peak District amongst many others.  As the locals will honestly tell you, the weather can be miserable.  During the summer months it is packed however:  a vast historical and cultural store provides the backdrop to a memorable trip.  Countless gems from its illustrious past and lively present mean that peak season and it pleasant summer weather is guaranteed to bring the crowds. 

But what about winter time?  Well we have said that cold, drizzly days are not pleasant.  But very often you can find extended periods of bright, blue-sky mornings in the North of England that mature into lovely spring-like afternoons  The locals walk with a skip in their step, the birds sing in the mornings, life is great if a little brisk:  nothing that a woolly jumper and good hot coffee won't cure.  Later in the day the sunsets can be beautiful with clear or cloudy formations. 

heavily discounted rate at your hotel

The upside is that many of the attractions are still open.  You will get a heavily discounted rate at your hotel.  You can spend time talking to the locals and getting a much more personal service than when everyone is running around busy. 

How to access this? 

Just sign up with Red Planet Travel - plan some trips and we will automatically send you weather alerts if your chosen destination is forecast to enjoy some great weather! 

If you haven't got anywhere in particular in mind then following the @travelvane on twitter might be even better, as all global alerts are posted on that feed.

Happy travels.