Today we have a prototype website that you are looking at live at

I want to express my appreciation to Taras, the designer, who has worked tirelessly with me to get this going in record time.

Version 1

The following components are ready and comprise the launch specification for version 1 of Red Planet Travel

  • Iframe integration of base Rome2Rio product.  
  • Google Geocoding Urls for search engine optimisation.
  • User Account Area (UAC) for recording planned journeys.
  • Email system for User Interaction and transactional messages.
  • Blogging system for public annoucements.  FAQ system via Content Management System for User Help.

There will be several rolling updates from my programming team and myself in the next few days which will comprise the go-live for Google and other search engines in the coming weeks:

These comprise:

  • Flickr, YouTube, Bing Search and Twitter feeds directly onto our city pages giving Red Planetters an overview of their destination, and allowing Red Planetters to contribute directly to the community instantly from their mobile devices or later from their desktops.

Stay tuned for further updates.